Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Sabbath

Here's my story (at least today's story)

I have a rather average voice.
I may have just flattered myself with that statement.

Nothing special.

I can usually "carry" a tune.

I cannot read music but I can pick up my part fairly quickly
if I sing next to a strong singer.

You've never heard me sing a solo but I can help fill-out a choir.

What I lack in voice I hope I make up with my heart.
I do put my whole heart into my little choir part.

There was a time in my life when I was working full-time
(it was a need not a want) and had 4 or 5 of the 6 kiddos at home.

I felt stretched and that's putting it mildly.

Add on top of that Christmas was on the horizon and
the wonderful "busyness" that adds to a life.

I was not singing in our choir.

I had one of those aha moments that reminded me that I needed to be more
focused on what was more important.

I felt a "need" to join the ward Choir.

I felt a "need" to sing anthems to my Savior
to celebrate His birth. So I did-joined the choir
and sang in the Christmas services.

That was several years ago and I don't think I've missed a Sunday Christmas
service/performance since.

Oh there was that year that A2K, Dori and Linny came home for Christmas and
ta da....this is big....

...Andy and the girls showed up for the practice that Sunday morning
just before the program, practiced and sang in the program.

I had some creepy throat thing and no voice.

Could not sing.

I sat in the congregation with eyes constantly welling up
with love



and respect for my kids.

They were my voice too.

I think Jesse also did a similar last minute performance once too.

My children have inherited their father's gift in the music ability
but I like to think some of my love and passion is in them too.

Today was our wards Christmas program.

It just may have been thee very best.

Our director Alicann did it again with music.
There is nothing she can't sing, arrange or direct - her skills
and devotion are so magnificent.

David was masterful on the piano/organ, as usual.

Melissa with her soprano solos cannot be topped
(not even by professionals...oh wait, I think she is professional).

Did I mention a friend said she thought angels were singing.
( Was that Mom helping me out ;) no she sang alto and I was soprano).

SLK also sang. Always superb and so knowing of all music.

So did Forrest B. (not a member of our church but an awesome voice-
who also sings professionally-and joins in with us occasionally)
I had to mention Forrest aka "Butch" aka Mr. B. since so many of you kiddos sang under his tutelage in Mt. Sky Jr. High.

Did you feel inspired by a Christmas service today?
Did you sing Christmas hymns with your ward/congregation?
Are you singing in the
with the radio?

Sending you love and wishes that you enjoy the Christmas message of His birth.
It's REAL.
And let's make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Happy day, msk


Cindy said...

Hi dear one---I beg to differ, you have a lovely voice, certainly above average (if we really need or can categorize that sort of thing!). The Geiss Family singers would be very lacking without your beautiful soprano. Loved your posts the last few days, is your comoputer feeling better? Let's talk soon.
Much Love, Cin
PS. I think your talent got developed when we performed growing up---I think our rendition of "Sisters" is "unparalleled"!!!

MarySue said...

Oh Cindy dear. Kind as always. But yes, our rendition of "Sisters" and let's not forget the Marlborough cigarette commercial "jingle" while doing the dishes.WHAT TRAINING.

Trevlyn said...

would have loved to be there! sorry! I'm sure it WAS heavenly!


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