Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cindy asked...

...just to let you know that my sister Cindy wanted to see what flowers I just purchased and so it will be. There, most of you can just go to another clever blog. I won't mind. I will totally understand you don't want to see flowers/plants in my backyard...again. Really!

Red/orange million bell petunias.

Flat leaf parsley and sage.

Medium sized petunias that are a gorgeous purple tipped with green.

3 red geraniums.

Yellow daisy.

Red hibiscus.

Bird-of-Paradise plant. Look close-see that little, light ball????

The Cinderella pumpkin seeds that were planted in June, grew and grew all summer but never set "fruit", were almost demolished in the hail storm have made a comeback, new leaves and set fruit up in the shrubs. We've moved those vines down to the ground for safety.
Happy day, msk

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Cindy said...

Thank you, thank you! Since it is already cold, damp, gray and rainy, I am getting my vicarious "planting endorphins" through you. It is supposed to be foggy, then sunny for a few days soon, so will get some help over here and pull out the rest of my annuals and take plants to winter into the garage. Keep up the good work---I bet everybody likes to see your plants--not just me.
Hugs and love, Cindy


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