Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I meant to share this little thrifting at the beginning of October but my posting has been shabby at best.

I actually have more Halloween/fall decorations than I'm actually using. Kids, want any hand-me-downs?

And yet...did I pass up this dollar-store find of 8 jack-o-lanterns. NO. Silly me.
These mercury glass votives were $1.50 at Big*Lots. I wasn't wild about the jewel and displayed them with the jewel not shown...but turned one around for you since you may just love the jewel. I am a new fan of mercy glass.
Back at the dollar*store was this little brown birdie. I currently have an orange, flicker, battery votive that looks cute.
Have you any thrifting finds you want to share. Here's to frugality and fun.

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

I love being frugal too and the older I get the more stubborn I am about spending big bucks for anything! I almost bought something today but told myself not too because I have so much too...cute thing! ;D

Amanda said...

Thrift is the only way I go for the most part! I did score and free (besides shipping and handleing fees) Baby sling that usally cost $48 today! I'm excited about that. I also got a free photo book awhile ago that I designed. I love internet offers! Oh yeah and I did get that cake dome from goodwill you told me about awhile back!

MarySue said...

Thanks for sharing Julie and Amanda. I love hearing from you.


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