Friday, August 20, 2010

Scenes from Utah

SLK with his dad. We had been told he probably wouldn't make it to the reunion since he was just recovering from a bought of pneumonia so it was a delight he attend. He shared fun and interesting stories too.

An evening in Mill Creek Canyon. How many times can I say how much FUN we had together...the emphasis on TOGETHER.

Waiting in line for a ride a Lagoon.

Ooching along an old tree trunk across Mill Creek. You have to remember we'd just come AZ and all this cool, lush greenery and water almost had me in in a state of euphoria.

Just in the gates of Lagoon, not even on a ride yet and the grands enjoyed the fountains. Being a gal of the 60's and poofy hair I enjoyed all from the sidelines.
We love taking the grands to BYU and they love bowling there...and knowing you can take bowling as a college course. Now that's just plain FUN.
On the banks of a creek by Dori's house we found lavender growing. With a little effort and a lot of balance we got her a really large, beautiful bouquet that will dry nicely.
Linny had to work so much and long hours that it was great to finally have her be with us. The grands love their AUNTS!! And the aunts give so much love right back.
More to come. You may have seen most of these photos at my girls blogs but for me, I never get tired of looking at my family. Go figure :)

Happy day from msk


Julie Harward said...

It looks like you have had a great time together..the best place to be! Loved the pic's at lagoon with the kids! ;D

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

How fun! You have a darling family!
Big hugs from me :)


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