Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nice Spice

For most of my adult life I have always had on my spice shelf paprika. I've hardly used it but occasionally a recipe called for it and there it was. I remember as a girl my mom would have me sprinkle it on deviled eggs (wonder how that got named!) or on top of a pear or peach which lay on a bed of lettuce and was topped by a dab of mayo...oh, and cottage cheese was there somewhere. The red color made me think it would be spicy hot so I didn't want to eat it.
Thankfully we all grow up and for the most part stop avoiding such things and eat like adults not kids.

The past year or so I've noticed more and more recipes calling for smokie paprika. It interested me enough finally that I decided to purchase some. I checked out several brands and the above was the most frugally priced in my area.

I found myself excited to get home and open the bottle/jar and give it a sniff.

Wow, it's great. I love the smokiness. Now I have to find a recipe to use this stuff in.

If any of you have favorites that use smokey paprika feel free to pass them along. I trust you enough to make it.


Amanda said...

You could use it to season meat...

Julie Harward said...

I sprinkle it on just about everything I want to have a bit of color on top. Just google it and you'll have a ton of recipes! :D

Dori Knight said...

I don't care how you use it, just don't start calling it pap-a-rika. Drives me bonkers, almost as much as sherbert! ;)


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