Saturday, June 26, 2010

MEDITERRANEAN DIET INFO : I found this from a Ma*yo Clinic sight and have been reading up on it. I plan to purchase a Mediterranean type cookbook hopefully this coming week.


From another source below:

Penn Med:

In a major study in the 1960's, researchers looked at the diets of different countries and the rate of heart disease in these locations. They observed that people in Mediterranean countries seemed to have lower rates of heart disease.

The Mediterranean Diet is based on:

1. Plant-based meals with large amounts of vegetables and smaller amounts of meat and chicken.
2. Larger servings of grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes
3. Obtaining high amounts of fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients
4. An abundant supply of fish and other seafood-rich in omega-3 fats
5. Olive oil as the main source of monounsaturated fat
6. Wholesome ingredients that are fresh and simply prepared
7. Flavorful meals
8. Dining with others at a leisurely pace

Foods that are decreased in the Mediterranean Diet include:

1. Red meats
2. Sweets and other desserts
3. Eggs
4. Butter

Overall, a Mediterranean diet is lower in carbohydrates and higher in monounsaturated fat than a typical American diet. Following such a diet might lead to better blood sugar control, as well as lower triglycerides and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Anyone have any input on this subject?

Recipes to share?
Links for me to check out?

Striving for better health.
I really posted this for me as a resource to return to but if it interests you and be of help I'll be glad.
Happy Day from MSK

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The Conleys said...

Very interesting! I'd love to learn more, too. Love and miss you.


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