Friday, June 18, 2010

Anticipating Our Independence Day Celebration

I thought you may be like me and love, love, love celebrating this great country of ours. Here's a few things to get you in the mood if you need that.

These cuties I call pinwheels but at the blog Allsorts they are called Star Spangled Pinspinners. That's cute too and since the blogger created them and is letting us have a free download to make our own I'll call them whatever she wants and be grateful.
Just click Allsorts and get your fre*ebie.

I think you'd need a pretty big table to pull this off but fine. I think it's so All-American looking. Get more inspirations from The Style Sisters.

I hope you will be flying our beautiful flag. In case you don't have one now is a fine time to purchase one as all the stores have them in stock for this occasion.


Julie Harward said...

I love it! So festive and so fun...getting in the mood for the 4th big time! :D

Amanda said...

You lead me to the best blogs I love it! Thanks! :0)

Trevlyn said...

What cute decorations! Glad you'll enjoy the 4th in beautiful, green Oregon! (jealous!)


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