Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show and Tell

I've made a little time recently to use the candlesticks from L & J's wedding reception and create cake pedestals. I went shopping...of course on Senior Day to get a 25% discount at Good*will.

I couldn't just look at/for plates!!!

I could not resist this 99 cent vase. The color bursts. It calls out to me. Does it do anything for you?

Here is where it resides. And look Skippie, OUR orchid in doing fine! I think a second flower stalk is forming. What color is it anyway?

Here is a cute Cordon Bleau plate I snatched for 69 cents.

I had to purchase this white candle holder also 69 cents.

Ta Da!!! (said with great gusto) I think this is just darling.
Here's another one using one of our candlesticks. I finished 2 others.
Now plotting what to do with so many.
A party.
Display collection.
Do you want to add to my options?
This side of the kitchen bay window didn't look as pretty and the other. I've been moving things aroung but nothing said zing. After a few days it came to me that I needed a hanging plant.

I went to Low*es and saw some nice hanging plants. The little one was about $8 but of course I had my eye on the big one. Should I go ahead and look at the price of this big, taking over the world sized one...yes, it was the same price!!!!

My blessed day.

Then of course I had to purchase the sharp woven basket. Well, I feel the kitchen window is balanced and much improved. The pocketbook is a little leaner but not bad.

Thanks for letting me show and tell . . . my favorite part of kindergarten.


Julie Harward said... found some great things and i too love the green vase, glass is such a pretty thing! Love the cake pedestals too..I can never find such good things! :D

Linny said...

LOVE the cake stands... so darling. Love you

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

MarySue- yep that's the Chino Banditos we always go to. We lived at 56th & Greenway for 30 years, then 3 years ago moved at here in Surprise. I'v got one daughter who lives in Dear Valley Stake. What Stake are you in? (We're in Copper Canyon Ward, Surprise Stake)


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