Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Day

Goodness gracious but it's an awesome Arizona day.

We've dipped down into the 80's, cool breeze throughout the house and just being outside is heavenly. The birds have been providing a chorus since about 5 a.m. and as lovely as it is...they should take a break!

I received this wonderful cake pedestal for Mother's Day. The glass dome/lid fits another plate but I thought it also looked cute on this one. This is a full-sized plate and those lemons I just picked are gigantic. I could not fit a 4th lemon in there. Also love the beehive cookie cutter. Thanks bunches Heather and Bethy!

I found a new summer-ish mini flag for the front entry. My love of geraniums pushed me to purchase this welcome flag...and at 1/2 price it was a no-brainer.

Up close and personal.

Sending you my wishes for a happy day.

1 comment:

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...thanks for your visit to my blog and kindness. I love your cake pedestal! Come say hi any time :D


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