Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't Mess With My "Boy"

This is my boy dog. He is loyal. He is my walking companion. He is soooo loved. His big sisters (my 2 youngest daughters) call home from Utah and ask me to put the phone to this boys ear so they can give him messages of love.

A NASTY BARK SCORPION stung my boy on the snout last night.

My thanks to dear friend and vet Greg B. who so willingly took my call last night and talked me through the care of my boy. This dear man has come to my boys rescue on several occasions. I really am grateful.
Blessings on your head Greg B.
My thanks to YOU who knew of our distress and added "the boy" to your prayers. Yes, it is so good to pray over our animals.


Becca and fam said...

OH MY!!!
I'm so glad he's OK, he's the perfect dog, in my opinion. I miss running into you 2!

Julie Harward said...

Mean old scorpin..I just hate them! Your dog looks like a sweetie too, hope he's well today! :D

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I am so happy your lovely boy is taking care of....Darn, that's awful!
I love my dogs too...We baby them :)
I love your lemons ohhhhh.
Food storage...My goal is to have it all in cans like you are buying...good for 15 years...This year...
So i am working on it.
Thank you for saying hi :0

Linny said...

My baby... can't wait to see him!!!

Dori Knight said...

I had a nightmare about this after we spoke last night. I was so happy to get your text this morning to say he was okay. Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Jody said...

Way to go Kirby!!! You are the bomb dog!! Hugs


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