Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are We There Yet???

Just received this cell phone picture!!!!  Yes, Javi is coming too.
I'm so excited that the A2K clan are making the trek south TODAY to spend some of their spring break with us.  I'm spiffying up the two spare rooms and grateful they are the type of people that will overlook the fact the food  storage is part of the bedrooms.  We'll be having great sunny, warm days and create memories.  Penelope and I spoke on the phone last night while Aunt Linny was tending and A2's were out.  Parents don't know of the plans P and I came up with...hope they're on board.  They do include ice cream, fires, marshmallows and so much more.

Let me share with you the mini flag I purchased while in PA this winter welcoming Beckett and loving that branch of the family tree.  This great little, old fashioned store Beiters carries everything.

Just in time for Easter.

A flag that states my sentiments about Easter. "He Is Risen".

Surprise, I told you this store had everything.  When was the last time you saw candy cigarettes.  And silly me had to pull out my cell phone and take a picture of them...just for you.

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Trevlyn said...

Oh, goodie! Javi's coming too! Can't believe you posted a picture of such contraband!


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