Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

A little catching up is due. My weekend trip to SLC turned into over a week. I had such a great time house and puppy sitting for A2K (Andy and Annette K.) while they were on vacation. The new puppy Javi (pronounced Havi) is a big, delightful Newfie (Newfoundland). Her mommie weighed 170 lbs. so she will be a big girl! Our walks were fun and different. She would decide to just stop and lay down wherever, even in snow. She's a good dog and her only mischief was discovering the toilet paper fun. She trailed it out the bathroom, down the hall and into the living room. Dori and I got a good laugh over this.

I enjoyed family dinners each evening with Dori, Linny and Jared. Their delights with old family "comfort foods" made me feel good. I love being with my kids.

Home to sunshine, walking my own precious Kirby and dead-heading all the annuals. If you know me you know that is one of my delights. This morning I found the first blossom on one of my 2 little lemon trees. Here it is...especially for you sisters. Come visit and inhale!!! Geranium in background.

Yesterday I had a fun afternoon shopping with Skippie. My heart swells with appreciation for the reconnecting to my cousins a few years back. Tammy and Paul were down last week from Oregon - they along with Skippie and Garry and I had so much fun tooting around Cave Creek together. I just loved Tammy's oohs and aahs at the Southwestern architecture, decorations and desert. The desert floor has that wonderful spring carpet of green that lasts a short time but is so pretty.

Counting my blessings and expressing gratitude. Love and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Haa! Love the Javi picture. Had such a blast with you... loves loves loves

MarySue said...

Love those loves Linny. Right back at you.


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