Monday, January 11, 2010

I do not feel guilty for loving my blue skies and sunshine...I struggle through the summer just for this. But...I do feel so sad for those who are having extremely cold, snowy weather that have put them, crops and livestock in danger. I will be remembering them in my prayers.

Christmas - I finally, finally got all put away last week but I took this photo before packing them. I purchase 5 Cra*te and Barre*l ornaments at Goodw*ill. The price on the box was 99 cents but...I got the senior discount. What a find. This picture does NOT do justice. They are vibrant and fun and I really enjoyed looking at them on the tree. And yes, I look at the tree and ornaments and SMILE. It makes me happy.

I introduced Skippie to Hobb*y Lobb*y last week. We both had fun and though I had wanted to replace my skimpie garland I felt it wasn't really necessary and I wouldn't cough up the expense. That was until I found garland at 90% off. SCORED. I love buying a $30 garland for $3!!! They were immediately packed and I just know I'm going to be thrilled next December when I unpack them.

Have you scored any after Christmas deals?

Here's a couple views from the back yard that make me happy too. You know I like to share.

Arizona Blue.

P.S. My arcadia door is open and I can hear Robin B's hens. Oh the fresh eggs she must enjoy. And this short video is another one of my cousin Tammy's SIL in Minnesota. Something for the colder ones to try. Really colder.

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Grapefruit said...

I just have to tell you...Mitchell is running around singing a new song.

It goes like this...

"Oh Sister Knight, Oh Sister Knight, WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUU? Hello Sister Knight, Hello Sister Knight..."



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