Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Church Response to Haiti Earthquake - LDS Newsroom

The incomprehensible pain and suffering in Haiti has touched me. Would you please consider taking a couple moments and go to this site Church Response to Haiti Earthquake - LDS Newsroom . What if each just donated $5 or $10. I know I'm a very small blog but my site meter tell me approximately 21 visit daily. Just our little "group" could help out in a real way. Thanks for you time. It's easy to donate.


Audra said...

My very favorite college couple friends have 3 girls they are adopting that are in Haiti. Please pray for this area and the children in orphanages. It is painful to see the destruction here. Please, please help.

Audra said...

Thanks for this post.

MarySue said...

You/they have my prayers Audra.


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