Thursday, December 17, 2009

You'd Think We Were Hiding

We didn't make any big announcement over the painting of our house. When you add the new color and also you'll remember the chopping down of the two story tree we look different and some friends actually drive pass our house and have a hard time finding us. Kind of funny.

Here's the before white house.
Here's the chocolate house after. I know I'm slow but there will be black shutters on the upstairs windows to match the ones on the livingroom windows you can barely see.

One friend drove by, turned around and came back to ask me if I liked it. I don't think he did but WE DO. It's rather bold & once you know we are a chocolate house you really can't miss us.

We painted in October, finished in time for the wedding...which wasn't the reason to paint but still fun to have done then.
Wedding photos soon. Ben did a great job.


kms said...

Thinking I may have been standing with you in your driveway when said friend did a u-turn.

I like it!

Amanda said...

I Love your new color inside and out! I don't think I realized your house was totally white on the outside! It looks great!

Cindy said...

I love the new color---loved seeing it in person, but also loved seeing it in the SUNSHINE with a beautiful GREEN LAWN in your pictures.
Love you, Cin

Trevlyn said...

Love the new color! Yay...real pictures!

Amy said...

Well I think it is LOVELY!

Emily Carlson said...

I think it looks great!!! Good job. Merry Christmas! Love you.

sylvia said...

what a difference a paint job makes! I think the "new" house looks wonderful. Have a merry Christmas!


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