Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snapshots of December

With 3 of the 4 local grands in a charter school we were thrilled to be invited to a Christmas program. Not a winter program or a holiday program. Notice the nativity on display, plenty of Christmas carols, a Hanukkah song and since this quarters study has focused a lot on early American history we learned more of Christmas then and the surrounding history. Jake is in the blue stripped shirt seated on the top row.

Morgan had several speaking parts and had to stand during most of the 1.5 hour program. It was all delightful and fun. The boys even sang a carole in Latin which they have also been studying. I'm sorry I missed pics of Tessa in her reindeer antlers but I was shooting with Trevlyn's camera then.

Almost time to put away the decorations. We traditionally keep ours up through New Years. I will admit to occasionally not getting around to the big dismantle for a day after when busy. I may keep them up since Skippie and Garry arrive on New Years for their wonderful SNOWBIRD 4 months. They are smart.

This is one of my favorite "Christmas" decorations that I have chosen to keep up year round. I think of it as a positive reinforcement.

The nativity is just below the above sign. Here's just a couple close-ups.

As I was talking to Tessa about this camel she pointedly said she liked the baby Jesus best.

My "memory tree". No color theme or coordination of style just a fun hodgepodge. With the addition of Jared to the family this year I now need to get an additional "missionary flag" from Colorado. I guess the flags of all the locations our family missionaries served are not what most would consider a tree decoration but I love them and what they stand for.

My favorite snow globe. The base is windup with music and lights as the wise men, shepherds and animals go around.
My Argentine nativity from Andy and Annette. Just plain love it.

I used many of the candlesticks from Linny's wedding on the piano top. You are probably familiar with the window clings for kids to decorate windows or mirrors but I found this fantastic cling I put on our mirror.

It says: Such a big Miracle in such a little child. I wished it weren't so frosty but I still love it.

The family room mantle timing was a bit off since the narcissus are still coming up. What fun to have the blooms for the new year though.

Well the grands belly's are full of eggs, sausage, cocoa and orange rolls this morning and I'm grateful to be feeling much better and able to keep up with them. I think bowling is on the docket for this afternoon. I bought a new video to have for their stay here and some of us watched it last night. Two thumbs down for Scout Camp is my verdict. What a waste of cash. Oh, I sound so cynical. On a happy note, it's sunny and in the 60's today. I never get bored repeating how much I love the Arizona winters. Wishing you a happy day.

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