Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newly Painted Family Room

I'm just now back checking on my own blog. My interest level in blogging has lagged exceedingly and that's no surprise to any blogger reading this. It just happens.

I read my last post and chuckled. I did finally remember why the kitchen timer went off. I was feeling the first inkling of a sore throat and took a large dose of vitamin C and also garlic capsules. I set the timer for an hour to take more to "nip" any problem in the bud.

And by the way, I didn't get a sore throat. Whew.

Here is a picture of the newly painted family room. This did not take me 6 weeks to like. It was rather immediate but then it is the same color as the attached kitchen so I knew I already liked it. I so appreciated SLK helping with this room. He does a really good job cutting in.
You may remember the adventures I had at the Desert Botanical Gardens earlier this year. A wonderful gal from Trevlyn's ward, Jackie (I think she spells it differently but I can't remember just how) is a docent there and gave us a most wonderfully informative and fun tour. Well, she has been gathering seeds there and was so kind to send this container of Desert Bluebell and Mexican Golden Poppy seeds to me with instructions to plant in November. Hummmm, where to plant in November.
Still in the thick of wedding plans and executions. Enduring the heat. Feeling thankful for not only my a/c but fans also. Loving family. Learning. Living.


tessa said...

Looks fab! It really all came together. Enjoy the wedding preps. Steve's shooting one tomorrow. I'm the assistant. He calls me a V.A.L. (voice activated lightstand:)

Cindy said...

Sue---the family room looks fabulous, so fresh and pretty, plus it makes your new furniture look even better. I love the green, can't wait to see it in person.
Love, Cindy

Christie K said...

was this the yellow room? looks great either way.

MarySue said...

Thanks for the kind comments Tessa and Cindy.
Christie-the living room is yellow. This is the family room downstairs that is now green.

Amanda said...

Love it can't wait to see it in person!


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