Friday, August 21, 2009

Backwards Pants

If you have a long list of "to dos" today, and you're rushing to get out of the house before the heat gets too unbearable and you may accidentally put your capri's on backwards, don't worry, you won't get out of the house with backwards pants. It just feels too awkward and you will know and make the change.

More Utah pictures. On our "BYU day" we went to The Sweet Tooth Fair bakery in Provo. I'd only read about it on other's blogs and drooled and then - I was there. The owner is Annette's sisters dear friend.

Unfortunately, we went after lunch and I was still full. I didn't even get a cupcake "to go". I only wanted a big bottle of very cold water-and I got it. So, remember to go to bakeries on an empty stomach.
Off to complete many things on my today's "to do" list. 3

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