Monday, July 27, 2009

Sharing The Love...

...and Annette's vanilla syrup recipe with Ben and Jody. My last breakfast in Oregon and felt I needed to get them hooked on this delicious concoction. There were doubters at first but they were totally on board with this syrups goodness after a bite or two. Click here for the recipe. TRUST me, you will LOVE it.

Ben gave it a thumbs up...alright, I asked him to pose this way. And take a look at that shirt!!! Ed and Jody got it in 1973 in Hawaii on their honeymoon. I'd hold on to it too Ben. Plus it shows off your muscles.

I'd stripped the sheets off "my" bed and was packing for the flight home. Sassy got in my suitcase. Like Jody said, we don't know if I'll ever see this old cat again. She earns her name and we all love her in spite of that sassiness.
Home is hot.
Very hot.
Blast furnace hot.
What did I expect in July. Hold on for a whopper August. We'll be making a trip to Utah and maybe it will be a bit cooler there. Just reminding myself:
Arizona winters are the best.

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