Friday, July 17, 2009

Painting Party Tues. and Wed.

One of thee big plans during this vacation was to paint Jody's kitchen, living room, dining room, and halls. Well, I know thee best painter and it's Kathy so we flew her up for painting and fun. Besides, the rest of us don't want to be up on that ladder to paint the 12' walls. Love you Kathy.
A sunny yellow kitchen for the occasional rainy day in Oregon :) This is the after.

The before living room.
The dining room is painted but of course we loaded that room up with the living room furnishings while painting the living room.
Painter Kathy also enjoyed the gorgeous country views.

Kathy's friends from Canby turned out to be Jody and Ed's friends too. Here's Greg and

here's Darcey painting in the kitchen. Much thanks kind and talented friends.
And once again I failed in my photography duties and didn't get pics of Cindy and I painting in the dining room. Painting wasn't even work when I got to work beside my sister and talk the whole first day. Love you Cindy. This was our gift of love to Jody!

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sylvia said...

you all did a great job painting. the kitchen looks so cheery.


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