Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keeping It Brief

Just too tired to blog much. I'll catch up on the 4th celebration, family and fun. But just to tide you over....

Here is my view as I read on the back patio each morning. The birds are singing and the wind in the tall pines is a chorus.

This is the view from "my room". The pond is close by and I have a frog chorus nightly which I love. It started cooling down a bit today and was most pleasant and should be really cool tomorrow. Oh the thrill of maybe a shiver.

Jody cut fresh rhubarb from her garden this morning and I got a pie made before going to church. Looks good but was too juicy. Just needed to eat it in bowls.
I'll add that Cindy brought a killer potato salad to our 4th family gathering and I hope to get her to share the recipe on KITK!!! Until later.


Christie K said...

if you had added strawberries you would have had my favorite pie. yummy

Trevlyn said...

You make such gorgeous pies!

Audra said...

Amazing views and amazing family. No wonder you disappear every year. I love the pictures. Simply beautiful up there. Look cooler, ahh! I bet it is. Nice.

Becca and fam said...

Oh my Mary Sue! I just love the photo's, so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, we are so hot it's hard to breathe out here!


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