Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Ready For The Lake

I'm making Noelene's Christmas puff treats to take to the lake tomorrow. You can find the recipe here at Knight's In The Kitchen. None of the Oregon family has tasted this and I hope they like it. We Geiss girl cousins get together and have more fun than you might imagine. We think we are just SO FUN and funny. You'll be happy for us!

I purchased a card reader at an electronics store and am able to transfer my photos. Hold onto your hat...there are a lot. And...they are all out of order but I know you will just deal with it.

I feel officially like family as of today...both Bodie and Sassy were in my bed with me this morning. Are you like me and love sharing your bed with pets!!!

My second home. Oh how I love, love, love Oregon summers!!
Jody leaving for the hospital on Hanna's surgery day.
Hayden blowing bubbles with his experiment kit.
Hanna going out the door for surgery. She had such a great attitude and is healing rapidly and well. She and family even joined the family 4th of July festivities which was just amazing since her surgery was the 1st. Her swelling is going down and the bruising looks like pretty green eye shadow. She is a doll.

Jody and Ben's birds. Six chicks and they don't know yet how many will be laying hens and how many will turn into obnoxious roosters. We are having quite the time with them especially when they roost under the truck and we spend a lot of time prying them out and into their pen. Ben's named them and if you knew you'd crack up over his choices. Maybe that will be shared later. First night here a sister from Jody's ward brought by this big bowl of freshly picked cherries. Could not be any sweeter or better.

Elder Wood helping with the chicken round-up after Sunday dinner.
Well you made it. Thanks for letting me share the vacation with you. 3
P.S. I just checked the weather and it's 41 degrees hotter in Phoenix...65* in Wilsonville and 106* in Phoenix. Yikes!

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tessa said...

So jealous of those temps! We love card readers over here too.


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