Friday, May 8, 2009

What's The Story Morning Glory

Story #1
I have admired a vase, just like this one, for a couple of years. Dear friend purchased hers at the Cache Valley Cheese Factory in Beaver, Utah. What a surprise, we love and always stop there for the delicious cheese curds and ice cream cones. Do you know about cheese curds? They have the cute name of "squeaky cheese" since that's the sound you hear when you eat the curds that are warmed to room temperature. For the next two trips to Utah I looked for a vase but they only had them in pale pink. They were very pretty, very baby girl nursery but I wanted clear. I never shared this vase info with anyone. Low and behold, Trevlyn found this vase while thrifting, watched it for a couple of weeks as the price came down and then bought it for 99 cents and gifted me. She couldn't know how much I would love and appreciate it. Thanks sweet daughter!!! I photograph it with the salt shaker so you can tell the size. If you haven't been in my kitchen and seen my terrific Mexican shaker set . . . well, I sorry.

Story #2
This heat is cooking, frying my roses. I don't like to cut so many buds but if I don't they will just have burned edges. The bright side is I will be enjoying all these little buds, rose aroma and the vase for a few days.
Story #3
Harvesting Bell pepper's and tomatoes this morning. Oh, you noticed the camo Easter egg. I got such a kick out of finding it while trimming back one of the lantana plants. That's the second egg find way after the hunt. I wonder if I'll find more. What's the story with harvesting not totally ripe tomatoes . . .

. . . the pesky sparrows are feasting on them. I know, you are thinking cheese cloth. I've draped my plants with cheese cloth in the past to protect them from the birds but since I don't have any on hand I'm just picking early and will let them ripen on the kitchen counter. I'm not sure what the story is with the tomato on the left below. Any of you experts want to fill me/us in?

Story #4
What's the story with a pointsettia blooming in May??? This was a "little" Christmas gift I received December 2006. After the holidays I planted it in an inappropriately sized pot. It's grown for the last two years and this spring bloomed in all it's glory. I transplanted it a couple of weeks and needed to stake and tie it while it hopefully puts down deep roots. It's really delightful to me and I'm enjoying it.

Story #5
What's the story with this sight. Well, you probably know that 2 liter pop bottles make good food/water storage containers. This is how I get them totally dried out after washing. I just turn a couple of wooden spoons upside downand drain the bottles on the long handles. Do remember to wash well and dry very well. You don't want to fill them up with rice, beans, lentil or whatever and have any moisture.
Story #6
What's the story with my beet red cheeks??? It's hot here. When the 6 a.m. news reports that the temperature is already 74 degrees you know it's just going to be an Arizona day. We are expecting another week of 100+ degree days and have been experiencing those for the past 3 days. Here is my thermometer at 9:30 a.m. - in the shade! No surprise that I already had 2 loads of washing on the lines.


sylvia said...

oh I remember those sweltering arizona summers - can't say that I wish I was there right now. I love and appreciate all of your food storage tips and tricks.

D said...

Ooooh!! You can bring my Tessa Rose to Utah in a few weeks!!!!!!!!! I know you'll miss it :)

MarySue said...

Dori-I'll try. I keep forgetting it is yours but I have been taking good care of it.

D said...

You've been taking AMAZING care of it. I understand if you want to kep her. I think I'll look for one start from scratch in the new home.

momof8 said...

Oh, my! Here in Minnesota we are just waiting until it gets dry enough to put the garden in. There is a chance of frost clear until the end of May! Today our high was 55. You should summer up here!

MarySue said...

Dear Mom of 8, sounds like you have a cool time. Do we know each other? Thanks for the comment.


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