Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Blessings. Precious Tyler is missing from this photo and Asher and Penelope have been born. Maybe someday my hearts desire of having all my children together will happen . . . before my funeral.

Here are all your children in one place,
Enshrined behind some glass within a frame.
A picture's like a word, a sign, a name,
Symbolic of a much more complex grace.
Years of memories lie behind each face,
A wild sea no blessing can contain;
Years and years of love, of joy, of pain,
Of mysteries no heart can hope to trace.
Here are all the objects of your love,
A frozen section cut away from Time,
A summit between dreams and memories,
Which you need only look this way to climb;
An icon for domestic reveries
Through which a thousand answered prayers move.

Love you Mom and Grandma

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