Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Preparations

I'm a little late...again...preparing my home and putting out some of my seasonal decorations. I didn't put all my Easter out but here are a few. Yes, I know you'll see my color patches but trust me, I have chosen the color and it is going up reasonably soon. Really. Oh and you will see all the before, during and after. After 25 years of white, this will be a big deal.

I was thrilled a few years back when I was able to find this figurine that truly depicted Easter for Good Shepherd.

Maybe it's a contradiction to have my favorite picture of the triumphant Savior exiting the tomb with hoppy bunnies around but I do handle both just as I do with Santa at Christmas.

Somehow I like pink tulips at Easter and only bring them out then. Maybe I could bring them out for a baby girl shower. Anyone?????
Now in preparing my heart I will focus on three of my favorite pictures and reading Luke 22,23,24. HE did suffer beyond my comprehension for the sins of the world, mine included, died an horrific death willingly and
HE overcame the grave/tomb/death.
HE lives again as will we all because of HIM.
I am thankful for this time of preparation and being able to draw closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Grapefruit said...

MarySue, I always have loved being in your home and looking at all your fun decor. Your home is lovely and it's so easy to feel welcome there...even for an unsolicited knitting class. :)


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