Friday, April 17, 2009

Dutch Oven Cooking

This week I so enjoyed our Relief Society Enrichment night. We were treated with demonstrations on dutch oven cooking and then feasted on the delicious meal. Good friends Kent and Noelene are so good at this and also make it very fun. And yes, Kent, if this is your pose I'll post it.
The wind about blew us away. Here's Noelene putting together the cheesy potatoes with Bob and Cheryl in the background. Hurray for the men that show up for our ladies night to haul tables and chairs outside and do the clean up. We not only appreciate them we know they are smart because they get fed well.

The barbecue area behind church is so perfect for this activity. You can see the mound of briquettes burning and the first 2 of 6 ovens cooking.

Getting my sourdough biscuits made and into 2 ovens. Thankfully Kent did the cooking and I only made them.

Noelene's yummy apple and cherry cobblers being assembled.

Vivian demonstrated outdoor grilling and then served us delicious vegetables, potatoes and banana dessert. Vivian and Noelene have huge reputations as wonderful cooks.

Dinner cooking.

In spite of the wind the great sisters showed up and were not disappointed.

Darrel is always smiling and I don't know how I could have captured him without.

The biscuits were also a hit and there were no leftovers. And yes, I did bring butter for them but forgot my freezer strawberry jam.

The Sandi/Sandy's.

My funny friends and their tongues. Love you Cheryl.
Thanks Cheryl and Robin and Cammacks for all your planning and work. It was such a fun and great night of feasting.


Amanda said...

It was a great night, even with the wind! I Love Releif Society!

Jody said...

I wish I could have been there!!! Did you get some reciepes for me? Hugs

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said...

Amy said...
That is so my dad! And I am so jealous I wasn't invited (not that I could have gone but. . . ) It looks so yummy! And I will have to get after my mom. I have never had apple cobbler in the dutch oven with carmel bits. Yum! What a great idea. And your biscuits. . . I got to sit at a cold windy baseball game.

Trevlyn said...

Hummmm, who commented and then felt they had to delete it. Very interesting.

Jenny said...

WOw, thanks for posting those pictures, it was a fun trip down memory lane and seeing a bunch of familiar faces! Even seeing the back patio barbeque area was fun! (I remember many early boy scout breakfasts there! haha) So glad you are doing so well!:)

Amy said...

That was me Trev- I had a really bad spelling error, really bad and since you can't go back and edit your post I deleted it. Trust me it was a bad spelling error!


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