Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do What Is Right

Please forgive me when I have said on more than one occasion to a married with children child of mine that it would really be good to have a Family Home Evening lesson on . . . . I'm just totally sold on the importance of a well planned FHE and it's power. And in this day and age our children need all the help and guidance they can get. That's one of the reasons I continue to add FHE lessons on my sidebar and hope they may be of help. Also . . .

I've just read this great excerpt from a book titled Do What Is Right by Douglas J. and Laurie H. Wilcox. If you too like what you read below and think it could be helpful just click here and get three, yes 3 good lessons to motivate, inspire and help in many areas like:
scripture study,
church attendance,
success in school and even
musical instrument practice - and others.

You know it's shared with love to any and all.

Latter-day Saint families are certainly not lacking for worthy pursuits. In fact, if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the good things you have been counseled to do with your family, you are not alone. This beleaguered feeling does not stem from the difficulty of the things we have been counseled to do, nor is it typically the result of a lack of desire to do them. Rather, it often results from confusion about how to do them.

These tips are intended to provide practical, real-life ideas on how to get your family anxiously engaged in good works with greater peace and lasting success. The activities presented here will not solve your problems, but what they will do is provide you with some very practical ways to motivate and encourage good behavior and habits within your family.

Also, if you missed the Mesa Temple Easter pagent, you can click here and see beautiful photos of this event and learn some of the behind the scenes stories. Wishing you a good Sabbath. 3


Trevlyn said...

Here I am...Monday night and I'm looking for a good FHE lesson! ;)

This article is SUPER and I'm excited to use the ideas! Thanks for sharing!

MarySue said...

I can always count on you darling Trevlyn for a kind comment. Hope you enjoy the FHE ideas. Loves.


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