Monday, April 27, 2009

Come What May And Love It

Cindy and I were chatting recently about trials and difficulties and she told me during those times she tries especially hard to focus on gratitude and to be thankful. Isn't that the best attitude. Just prior to our conversation I had (re)listened to Elder Wirthlin's conference talk Come What May And Love It on KBYU-TV. The title came from the phrase his mother would say to him when there were difficulties. I was noticing this topic running through my life a bit. Nothing dramatic but at least interesting.

Well, wouldn't you know without trying, I would find a FHE lesson a blogger created from that same talk. I really like it and thought it would be good to share on a Monday. To reap the benefits of another's great labor just click on FHE lesson. She did a really fine job and I thought she was so clever to have a FHE dessert of Dump cake....for when the world dumps problems on you. Hope this is helpful.

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