Monday, March 2, 2009

Mini Reunion

A beautiful AZ day for the group of Oregon family to gather and share in food, fun, swimming and s'more making. What a treat!!!!

The brave boys that swam were not in warm water but certainly were having a great time. I just loved that the kids from these two families who had never met previously just meshed so well and enjoyed one another's company.

The photographer getting a good angle from on top of the pool slide. I'll eventually get her photos and share them with you. You might just want to go to her blog and see the amazing work she does at CreativiT.

The swimmers warming by the fire and roasting marshmallows.

Such a beautiful and balmy evening.

This was soooo tender. This darling, just turned 3 year old was brimming with tenderness and love and was cradling a plastic, pool toy alligator. You can bet I made a hasty trip inside to bring out a basket full of dolls and assorted stuffed animals.

Animated group of boys.
I'm feeling most grateful for family and this lovely evening!!!


Christie K said...

Look like a great time! We so hope to be able to do this soon!

Trevlyn said...

Wish I'd not been such a sickie and had been there! What great pictures and my kiddos came home soooo happy!

MarySue said...

Christie-the sooner the better!!
Trevlyn-you were so missed and I hope your guts are better today!


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