Friday, January 16, 2009


I don't know why I am forcing myself to blog. I haven't wanted to post for several days. Some of the reason for this forcing is because dear family checks in to see what I'm up to and really I don't want to let them down. Maybe I'm not living an interesting enough life right now. I really think that is part of it. Well, here is today's attempt to be a tad interesting. Forgive me if necessary.

The week started off well with being able to donate at the blood drive up at church. It was "A positive" experience. When the drive is held at church it is always fun since I will know most of the fine folks showing up to donate and we can gab.

I got around to planting the pots/urns from last summer's Oregon garage sale that Skippie transported down. They will be blooming soon but for the time look their pretty green selves. I will eventually get around to touching up the chips on the urns but don't hold you breath. I'm in need of reorganizing the patio/plants. Any sisters want to come down and help. My sister's are much more flowery than I. I also need a trip to a nursery and purchase more annuals. This is soooooooooooooo late in the season for me but still worthwhile. I do love the bloomers. And with this gorgeous upper 70's weather I can't complain about a thing.

I have turned a new page on healthy eating. I could say the holidays were ballooning for me...disgrace. 4 days is a start and so far so good. At my age it's not all about appearance but health issues. I've just finished making my WW version of vegetable soup, double batch, and a big bowl is cooling while I type. Oh how I wish food wasn't such a temptation but I will put a big effort into keeping good, fun, safe food in my home and the time to prepare.

Kirby is still my gimpy boy. My heart takes a real hit when I leave for my walks without him. I get such a sad look. He's still on the pain meds and limping the same. My guess is he will end up with surgery yet. I'd like to be wrong though.

All you loves in the cold climes I'm thinking of you and wishing you could be here basking. I know you'd enjoy the narcissus I just planted. I usually have them blooming in the house for Christmas but that didn't get done and I decided to stop stressing and just enjoy them in a pot for the new year. You know how heavenly they will smell in a few short weeks. Love my orange duckie beside.

The pixie bougainvillea below is loosing some leaves but is still such a welcoming splash of color.

Up close you can see Kirby has been squeezing passed and maybe that's what's knocking off some leaves.

My two lemon trees in pots so need to be transplanted and I must consider how that's going to happen since they are big and I can't do that alone. I've only picked one lemon, a Meyer. Last week I made lemon curd which is a delight and lemonade. Isn't it funny that most people think of lemonade as a summer drink and yet the lemons are ready to be picked in winter. Oh well.

I'll just also mention how happy I am that blogger NieNie actually posted today. What a wonderful miracle that family has received. I so welcome reading her life attitudes on a regular basis again. Hoping you and I make this a great day.


Trevlyn said...

Lovely update! I was checking out your orange duck today...very cute! And your lemon curd was wonderful! I'm off to "Knights In the Kitchen" to see if it's posted there!

CK said...

I love the little orange duck too. Very cute and I personally would love to join you for a glass of fresh squeezed lemonaide in your lovely warm weather.

Cindy said...

Well, it was about time, I was getting worried about you. Loved all the flower stuff, can't wait to enjoy them in person in March.

MarySue said...

Woohoo!!!! Cindy's coming in March!!!


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