Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The newest temple in Draper, Utah will start it's open house this week. One of my daughter's has a ward calling on the Service Committee that will allow her to help in this several week open house and I am just thrilled for her. I highly recommend this video about the Draper Temple.


Emily said...

Thanks for posting this, MarySue. I stole it and put it on facebook. It is great.

lori said...

Mary sue,
I have to tell you that video is beautiful. My sisters husband got layed off in Oct. and had applications out everywhere. he was facilities manager for tahitian noni. Well guess where he is working? He is facilities at the Draper Temple. What a blessing. My sisters family has been able to do service at the temple. Loved that video

MarySue said...

Love and appreciate your comments friends.


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